Temporal word cloud: into the future

Let me continue on the word cloud craziness. If you read my last blog entry you will see how I made a series of word cloud which shows the evolution of the words I use in my blog over time. I have also colour coded the words around theme to show how my blog reflects the tasks I am assigned to. In time it switched from Researching ideas for the telecom sector, to developing a Cloud framework and lately Machine Learning and Data Science.

I am using the same color scheme that was explained in the previous blog entry, but instead of having one window each year, I have a window of about a year that move forward by increments of 5 days. I end up with more than 700 word cloud images that I can assemble in a short one minute video. And here is the result.

It would be nice if I could make it so that important words move even less in the word cloud, as the result is still pretty jumpy, but it gives a feel of the change in time, probably even better than the previous still images.

From there one potential application would be to have a few categories of words coming out of a sentiment analysis e.g. happy, sad, … and colour those words in the word cloud accordingly. Then you could take a feed of information and generate a word cloud video as I did which would show the evolution of the writer sentiments over time. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Temporal word cloud or a recursive blog story

No, I have not become totally crazy, as the title of this blog might let you think and as some people might say. From my latest experiments with word cloud came the ide of applying it to my blog. Some might think that a dozen or so posts are not enough, and they would be right. However, my blogging habit didn’t start here on WordPress and I have in the pas 5 years or so about a hundred more posting on an Ericsson internal blog (conveniently also named TheLoneNut). Thus, if I sum up my internal presence and my newly external presence, I have written about 50k words in 5 years. According to Wikipedia, this puts my writings in the size range of a novel. Quite enough for a good word cloud experiment.

Where possible I have split the words in subject buckets:

  • Yellow: Having new ideas,
  • Red: Learning,
  • Dark Green: Peoples,
  • Light Blue: Cloud Computing,
  • Dark Blue: Ericsson and core telecom subjects,
  • Purple: Programming,
  • Light Green: Data Science, Machine Learning, …

The rest stays grey. Some of the grey words could make it in one of the subject buckets, however sometimes they are used across different subject so I preferred to keep them grey. So without further ado, lets take a look at the overall word cloud for my 5 years of blogging.

Overall word cloud of five years of TheLoneNut blogging.

From the overall word cloud, we can see a few trends. A lot of having new ideas, a good level of cloud, a fair level of programming, telecommunication and people and a little bit of Data Science… But we can do more. An interesting aspect of the blogging with respect to a novel is that it strongly embeds a temporal component. Posts are distributed through time in a semi-uniform fashion. Thus we can make an evolving word cloud. Starting five years ago and coming to today. Let’s have a look.

TheLoneNut blogging five years ago.

In 2012, I started a new role at Ericsson. Something more research oriented and I had to come up with some good research subjects. As the word cloud can say, lots of ideation and idea exploration. Ideas were mostly oriented at Ericsson core telecommunication aspects. A small team and the need for help from the others. We can also see a little bit of trials in the Genetic Algorithm (and Genetic Programming) and Data Science in general.

… four years ago.

As time passed, I still go through a lot of ideation and it is still focused on Ericsson core telecommunication aspects, but comes a lot more of programming, as we are trying out and implementing some of those ideas. The team and the help from others is still present, and we can see the need as well to learn new things. To figure out if some of the problems we were facing were already fixed somehow by someone else.

… tree years ago.

Going forward, we see that the main research focus became the cloud (not the word cloud!). The core telecommunication aspects became secondary. With this clear research agenda, I started in parallel a Master in Computer Engineering on that new found subject of the Telecommunication Cloud.

… two years ago.

With time, the research project got a name: Unity (not the 3D framework) and a specialisation around the Actor Model (from computer science). A lot of programming for my team and me.

TheLoneNut blogging in the last year.

About a year ago, the Master thesis and the Unity project were concluded and I took on a new role. We can see it from the word cloud, where the cloud is shrinking and Data Science related topics are on the rise. Still a lot of ideation required, but not as much as in the early days. The core telecommunication aspects are pretty much off the radar as Machine Learning and Cloud are taking the floor of my interests.

Hope you found this word cloud analysis of my five years of blogging interesting. But more importantly I hope you see how a temporal word cloud analysis can reveal interesting insights!

Now for the recursive part… let’s add this blog entry and see if it change anything for this year blogging word cloud…


Well, not much for a single blog entry (as expected)… so long for recursive word clouding!