Goodbye and Thank You!

The goodbye is not intended for you my blogging crowd! Rather to some other dear friends I will leave behind.

If there is a constant in life, it is change. In a few weeks will be time to change my place of work. With such a change I need to say goodbye to a lot of nice peoples and friends I have worked with, over the last 21 years. I want to thank you all for the fantastic environment you surrounded me with. I want to thank you all for the great challenges you gave me to undertake and solve. I want to thank you all for the help you provided through all those years for small and big questions, the mentoring and the learning and above all the animated and insightful discussions we had. All of this was enabled by a fantastic workplace. I will never forget Ericsson.

Above all I want to thank my current manager at Ericsson, Steven Rochefort, with whom I have been closely collaborating for 11 of those years. He is a fantastic guy and I will miss him dearly.

Now it is time to say hello to a new workplace. I have already met some wonderful and bright peoples at Shopify and I’m looking forward to the new challenges opening in front of me! #LifeAtShopify

This kind of message is traditionally expressed via email to a selected crowd on the last day of work. I’m not traditional 🙂 and I’m quite transparent, so you know it all now.

I’ll continue blogging, do not worry. Feel free to continue to contact me on any of my channels, here or elsewhere.

Cover photo by Claudia Beer at Pixabay (bonus points for those who catch the reference).

9 thoughts on “Goodbye and Thank You!

  1. Ah!
    Guess everything has an end, even things that almost haven’t started. On the other hand this is not an end, but a continuation.

    I have enjoyed your “Digital” traces, and the only occasion we met f2f.

    Will keep an eye on your feeds, and will probably find a reason to comment on one of your future blog posts.


  2. All the best wishes Pascal. You have done sterling work at Ericsson, we will be sad to see you go. It has been a pleasure (most of the time) to provide you the occasional management support that you have needed to be successful. I will remember these year fondly.

    Say “Hi” to the other Ericsson alumni at Shopify.

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  3. Thank you Pascal for what you have done for Ericsson, and for what you continue doing for a greater audience. Good luck with your future endeavors!


  4. Hey Pascal, Haven’t heard from you in a while, and it seems you’ve been (hopefully) too busy with the new stuff to blog here too ;-). Anyway, just a quick note to a TC story about how good the OpenAI text generator was, and the recollection that you were attempting something similar with weekly corporate news letters. After reading the article, I wonder if the “dangerous” text is really the correct result of pure logical thought, and perhaps it’s only humans who make it dangerous by the training data that is used… Enjoy.


  5. Another article you may like: Unicorn Found! gives another angle to that “AI”. I think the dangerous aspect is that it allows pretty good automation of fake news, or phishing texts, … So yes, it is made dangerous by the people who uses it. In itself it is a wonder of technology and will probably lead to really interesting application. In the meanwhile we need to find parades for the “bad” use that will come with it.


    1. Ya well i did like that. Yet it was both amazing and unconvincing … I guess there’s still a ways to go to work out the coherent contextual logic wrinkles. Lol.

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